Сравнение Хайстекс Акура с другими решениями по миграции из реестра ПО
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Case Study

New-age IaaS for Silver Lining Systems with Acura, cloud migration and DR software and StorPool storage

Executive Summary

Silver Lining Systems was building a new-age infrastructure for their SLS IaaS cloud. They migrated all their workloads from a VMware with Ceph storage stack to a new hyper converged setup with StorPool, Hyper-V and OpenStack.
Thanks to StorPool storage and Acura – cloud migration and DR software, Silver Lining Systems managed to do a smooth transition to the new-age IaaS. They built a high-performance and highly available cloud to delight their clients.

Demand for a powerful storage solution

Silver Lining Systems needed a powerful, yet cost-effective storage solution, which both supports Hyper-V and has an OpenStack integration. The company was already using Ceph, but Ceph was slow and was not supporting its Hyper-V requirements. They needed a storage solution, which is faster, more scalable, and reliable.

Exceptional performance, availability and reliability with StorPool

SLS built a hyperconverged setup with StorPool. Their OpenStack cloud is using Microsoft Hyper-V as a hypervisor. The combination of OpenStack and StorPool provides not only exceptional performance but also excellent reliability and availability of the service.
The new storage delivers much higher performance than Ceph for the same size of hardware equipment. At the same time, StorPool has a significantly lower latency.

‘StorPool’s service and support gives us much more confidence to run production customer workloads. Although we still use Ceph, we offer StorPool as a premium storage tier for our customers. Silver Lining Systems is very pleased to partner with a leading cloud migration and DR provider, offering Acura, since our two companies share the common goal of providing cost-effective solutions to our customers through automation. Leveraging Acura, we’ve been able to eliminate most of the manual tasks to de-risk and accelerate customer migrations to our cloud infrastructure (months to weeks) while achieving higher customer satisfaction, reduction in migration
costs and earlier revenue capture.’

Adrian Ma, COO of Silver Lining Systems

Smart and fully-automated cloud migration for SLS with Acura

Silver Lining Systems deployed Acura, that provided a smart and sophisticated approach to moving VMware virtual machines to OpenStack platform. Silver Lining Systems migrated customer’s workloads and applications by Acura to several OpenStack regions working under KVM and Hyper-V hypervisors. Acura provided a fully-automated migration process without any data loss, gave wide cost management capabilities and full transparency on the process, enabled customer to  reap significant TCO benefits.

The joint solution

Silver Lining Systems deliver reliable, New-Age infrastructure solutions for enterprises. Our company and StorPool helped SLS to build these solutions in a streamlined manner, so their customers can enjoy speed and data protection for their applications. With Acura and StorPool storage, Silver Lining Systems managed to build an outstanding IaaS, which can suit the needs and high requirements
of their enterprise customers. The high performance, Enterprise and Government gradeplatform of SLS enables customers to easily useand manage scalable infrastructures.

About StorPool

StorPool is a leading software-defined storage company, helping public and private cloud builders, to build high performance storage systems, through software and standard servers. StorPool has global
spread of customers and helps build and operate reliable and effcient Software-Defined Clouds.

About Silver Lining Systems

Silver Lining Systems is a leading cloud IaaS and a professional services provider targeted at the telecom sector in Asia. The company offers a wide range of enterprise cloud services, cloud technology consultancy, application assessment, and more. Silver Lining Systems is offering the SLS IaaS cloud, which is a high performance, enterprise, and government-grade IaaS platform. It enables users to build and manage scalable infrastructure on-demand at a competitive price with real-time billing and monitoring.

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