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Case Study

How Acura has helped Symmetry Corporation to successfully improve their customers' disaster recovery strategy

Executive Summary

Our company and Symmetry Corporation, a trusted Peruvian managed service provider, successfully enhanced customer’s IT infrastructure and data protection. Disaster recovery strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, Mincetur, was significantly improved with the help of fully-automated disaster recovery software.

Symmetry Corporation, a Peruvian IT provider for cloud, storage, backup, networking, virtualization and high-end computing solutions, offers its customers the best solution to meet their needs and requirements. Symmetry needed to build an effective and reliable disaster recovery strategy for its customer, based on OpenStack infrastructure.

The Challenge​

With low target performance, Symmetry Corporation realized that they needed to move to a faster storage solution to make the processes more efficient. Their customer’s SMTP settings and Linux distributive were both customized as a result of having a non-standard configuration.

Acura ensured Symmetry Corporation a secure and reliable solution for protecting their customer’s data, enabling IT Resilience and business continuity for the company.

The Solution

Customer workloads and applications were migrated to OpenStack infrastructure for disaster recovery under a KVM hypervisor. The total data size was over 9TB, including a maximum snapshot size of 4TB. In total 22 Virtual Machines (VMs), were protected by Acura Disaster Recovery, including various types of workloads, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle DB.

The Result

High-performance 1-touch disaster recovery software was easily integrated into the Symmetry’s IT environment with individual RPO and RTO values.
After implementing the disaster recovery strategy, Symmetry was able to avoid  production stoppage, and to minimize potential downtime. The solution enabled them to restore access to critical data and business applications with a click of a button without any data loss.

About Symmetry Corporation S.A.C.

Symmetry is an IT provider for cloud, storage, backup, networking, virtualization and high-end computing solutions for over 16 years. The company works among IT partners and several brands to offer its customers the best solution for their requirements, all supported by a certified IT team.

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