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Case Study

How Acura helps CloudAk build out customer service infrastructure

Executive Summary

CloudAk is a cloud provider of powerful IT infrastructure services in the Middle East. CloudAk aims to bring innovations to customers faster and scale out services dynamically, by aggregating and distributing cutting-edge cloud technologies and solutions. CloudAk helps companies cope with such sophisticated, complex and changing software as OpenStack by providing the best implementation strategy and supporting customers in a wide and confusing OpenStack ecosystem.

The Goal

As a well-established leader in the field, CloudAk is actively developing its portfolio to meet cloud computing needs of its customers. CloudAk wants an agile, cost-efficient, secure and automated solution for cloud migration and disaster recovery so they can respond faster to changing market requirements.

The Challenge​

As a cloud service provider CloudAk faces the following challenges:

  • Strict SLA requirements
  • High costs of large-scale projects
  • Long data replication with additional issues caused by legacy applications

«CloudAk has made a strategic decision by partnering with a leading cloud migration and DR provider, today all companies and industries are challenged by the digital transformation process. CloudAk is happy to use Acura which allowed our clients to have a safe migration [any-to-any]. Additionally, Acura helped us to fulfill the global increased needs for DR and Backup as a Service.»

Eyad Saleh, Managing Director, CloudAk Middle East

The Solution

Acura is a partner-centric solution, which helps build migration and DR services for end customers. Acura is a single pane of glass for any-to-any cloud migration, disaster recovery and backup projects. It is a fully automated and reliable way to lift-and-shift all types of workloads without experiencing downtime or complications arising from large-scale migration.
Acura is a sustainable solution to achieve zero downtime during OpenStack migration and disaster recovery processes. The instance keeps running throughout the migration that is important when it is not possible to stop running applications. Lift-and-shift of workloads to the selected OpenStack-based platform is more manageable than ever before as Acura allows to:

  • Simplify cloud migration and disaster recovery projects and eliminate a possibility of a human error
  • Avoid data loss and ensure final migration within a small maintenance window with real-time data replication
  • Speed up onboarding process with a one step integration and a simple synchronization with current management systems
  • Enable convenient project management with multi-tenant self-service customer portal

The Result

With Acura CloudAk has performed several successful projects for their customers and plans to gain momentum. The intent of the partnership is to better address the specific needs of cloud service providers and their customers by transforming IT environments.

About CloudAk

CloudAk is a cloud provider of robust, global open IT infrastructure services, and the official subsidiary of the leading Swedish OpenStack Cloud Provider City Network in the United Arab Emirates. CloudAk delivers intuitive cloud management, secure servers, storage and global private networks by using OpenStack.
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